POOF and the light goes off
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Morning Sex

" Morning Sex"
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Q:Why Doesn't tiger have any friends?

A:Because he plays with pooh

A Dung Story

A blonde and a brunnete were stuck on a roof. There was no way down besides a large assortment of droppings scattered in one area. The blonde suggested they jump into the droppings which would soften their fall, so she jumped first.

"Come on in!" She said, "It's only ankle deep!"

So the brunnete jumps and it comes up all the way up to her neck.  read more »

Don't Step on a Duck

Three men stood in line to get into heaven and the first man came up to Peter, who said, "Since there are not many rules in heaven the only one we could manage to string up is that you cannot step on a duck." So the first man went in and accidently stepped on a duck and a hideous women flies from out of nowhere and lands on top of him.  read more »