Stupid jokes

Boss or Mother in law?...

Imagine home on fire, your boss and mother-in-law inside. You can save only one of them.
What is your choice:

a) Watch football

b) Drink beer



Patient is undergoing surgery. Doctor raising his hand aaaand CUT!...
- Doctor, it suppose to be LEG! {#emotions_dlg.shock}
- Oh, sorry, (raising his hand) aaaaand CUT! Laughing
- Doctoooor! The other LEG!!!... Cry
- Oooops... Embarassed aaaaand CUT!... Laughing

Terrible F1 accident...

Terrible F1 accident


They dont...

One day, a man was getting interviewed by who seemed to be a very smart guy.

-Are you ready for this?


-Okay,first i'm going to see how intelligant you are.If a roster lays an egg at the top of a barn,and an egg happens to roll out,what side does it roll to left or right?

-I'm gonna....well....left...Wait,I know this, up! Undecided

-acually no,I'm very sorry to tell you this...Frown

-that I got it right,huh?!


Would you marry me?

- Would you marry me?

- But you are the frog...

- But we are in fairytale

- But you are real frog!