don't look up or down!

one day on a little boy b-day he asked his mom if he can have a shower with her.

so the mom said "ok, but don't look up or down."

so they went in the shower and of course the boy lookes down and said "mommy what is that?"

" oh," said the mom."that is my garage."

then he lookes up and says" what are those?"

so the mom says " those are my head lights"  read more »

Blonde Lumberjack

A blonde travels to Canada to seek herfortune as a lumberjack. She meets aforeman of a logging organization whooffers to give her a job.

"Now, I hope you realize we expect youto cut down at least 100 trees a day,"the foreman told her.

The blonde woman didn''t see this as aproblem, so she went out with theChainsaw and did her best.  read more »

The Diaper

One day, shortly after the birth of their new baby, the mother had to go out to run some errands.

The proud papa stayed home to watch his wonderful new son.  read more »

Tricked Him

One day this girl, who is wearing a skirt, goes out to play with her friends.

She goes to the park and meets a boy.  read more »

Medicine Cabinet

Why did the blonde tip toe past the medicine cabinet?

So she wouldn''t wake up the Sleeping Pills.