You're NEXT!

A young kid was in his uncle's wedding,

When his grandfather told him "You're next".Smile

The kid was a bit Pissed off.

Next month , They went to his Cousin's Funeral

Then he looked at his Grandfather and said  read more »

The Red Man And The Green Man

There was once a red man and a green man. One day the red man goes to visit the green man who is in the bath. He rings the door bell and in a hurry the green man jumps out of the bath, wraps a towel around his waist and runs to answer the door.

He opens the door and greets the red man by shaking his hand. As he does so his towel slips off revealing all.  read more »


There was an English man, a Scotish man and an Irish man. They met a magician who told them if they walked into a cave they could have any one thing they shouted out, in abundance.

The English man goes in and yells "women!"

The Scotish man goes in and yells "Beer!"

The Irish man goes in and yells "Cigarettes"

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Pork Scratchings

Three Guys go to a bar for a drink. After finishing the first round two of the guys go out for a fag. A woman approaches the guy left at the bar and offers him £50 to scratch the scabs off her private part. The guy willingly accepts, does the job puts the scabs in a bag and tosses it out the window. He then runs out to his friends ecstatic after thanking the lady and says....  read more »

Yo mama jokes

Your mommas so poor I saw her kicking cans down the street I said "what you doing?"  she said "movin"