three old drunks

there was these three old drunks  and one always stayed out later than the other two so they asked him does your wife ever get mad at you for staying out late and he replied no when i get home i tiptoe thru the house up the stairs into the bedroom crawl under the covers and have oral sex with her till she  has several orgasms and everthings is alright with the other old drunk said ill  read more »

Doc where do you want me to put my clothes ?

A Woman walked into her doctors office for a appointment  the doctor told her to remove her clothes and put on a hospital gown and he would return in 5 minutes when the doctor returned back in his office the lady asked him where could she put her clothes at and the doctor turned off the lights and said you can put them over there on top of

Pro vs. Con

If pro is the opposite of con then, what is the opposite of progress?

The Car Accident

After a sermon, a preacher asked if anyone wanted to say something that they were thankful for. A woman came up and said how she thanked god her husband was still alive after a very bad motorcycle accident. She said he had very bad brain damage and that almost all of his bones were at the least fractured. She then went on to say how he had completely crushed his scrotum.  read more »


Q:Why did the nurse tiptoe past the medicene cabinet???Undecided  read more »