Blonde jokes

listen to this situation...

there is a brunette, redhead and a blond standing on a bridge. they where told that if they jump off and yell what they wanted they would land in whatever they ylled when they hit the bottem. so the brunette jumped "GOLD!" she yelled and landed in a pile of gold! then the redhead jumped "LOTS OF MONEY!" she yelled and landed in a pile of money! then the blond jumped and yelled "OH SHIT!"


Does anyone know why Blonde jokes are kept short? Sealed  read more »

A Dung Story

A blonde and a brunnete were stuck on a roof. There was no way down besides a large assortment of droppings scattered in one area. The blonde suggested they jump into the droppings which would soften their fall, so she jumped first.

"Come on in!" She said, "It's only ankle deep!"

So the brunnete jumps and it comes up all the way up to her neck.  read more »

Blonde Lumberjack

A blonde travels to Canada to seek herfortune as a lumberjack. She meets aforeman of a logging organization whooffers to give her a job.

"Now, I hope you realize we expect youto cut down at least 100 trees a day,"the foreman told her.

The blonde woman didn''t see this as aproblem, so she went out with theChainsaw and did her best.  read more »

Medicine Cabinet

Why did the blonde tip toe past the medicine cabinet?

So she wouldn''t wake up the Sleeping Pills.