Bar jokes

Bravest man in the world!

What's the definition of the bravest man in the world?

The man who comes home drunk, covered in lipstick and smelling of perfume, then slaps his wife on the backside and says: "You're next, Fatty." Cool

What woman wants...

Husband came back drunk. Next morning he woke up with a mess in the house and saw a note from his wife:
- Dear Honey, Out for shopping, will be back soon. Love, Pumkin...

He could not remember and understand anything, so he asked his son:
- Son, what happened? What have I done yesterday night?

- You were drunk and had a quarrel with mama, crashed everything around and shited on the toilet floor. When she decided to clean you up by taking off your pants, you shouted: Don't even dare! I am married!